We did it!

We managed to combine exchangablle and adjustable pickups with the look of an ordinary guitar. At the first look it seems just like a normal guitar with minimalistic design, black pickups and a small pickguard. But if you remove the pickguard, you can see the genius part: you can loosen the screws of the pickups and slide them on every position you want. Then fix it and enjoy the sound you want. The pickup is plugged in with a minijack, so you can easily exchange it. You can use one or two pickups, switch between single coil and humbucker, high-, mid- or low output. (More pickup-infos are coming soon.)

If you are more into experimental sounds, you can even keep the pickup in your hand and move it on the strings. Your mind is the only limit!


At first the Atlas model stands out because of the carved top, which is first-class elaborated and gives the famous shaping its stylish elegance. The natrual binding in combination with the burst finish gives the Atlas the gorgeous mix out of vintage-look and high quality boutique guitar. The frameless Pickups look clean and noble. The hight polished stainless steel frets cause durable pleasure in playing. The transition of the neckprofile into the body and its slim design faciliates playing the high notes. The especially selected tone-woods make a warm but brilliant sound and the constellation of Häussel-Pickups allow various use.


Use the order forms to configure your desired guitar:
If you live inside the European Union use the Atlas order form EU (prices with 19% VAT)
If you live outside the European Union use the Atlas order form Not EU 


Y-REF Headless Guitars



The Y-REF 7 DC and the Y-REF 7 SC are fully customizable guitar models. For example you can choose standard- or multiscale, inlays and sidedots, the finish and of course the tone woods. You are also free in choosing the electrics and switching system. The most commercial guitar comes with 7 strings, but it´s also possible to get 6 to 10 strings. The headless-guitars come with my self constructed tuning-system. But it´s also possible to order a "standard" version with headstock.

Here you can configure the guitar of your dreams:

If you live inside the European Union use the Y-REF order form EU (prices with 19% VAT)

If you live outside the European Union use the Y-REF order form Not EU


If you want, I can build you any guitar you want. Totally free in shaping and specs. Just contact me and we will figure out what your wishes are and how to realize them.


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