C.GIG - that´s Christoph Garwels individual guitars.

Started in 2013 near Bremen, northern germany, I am constantly working on new models and ideas. Since then I improve my knowledge and skills and question established concepts. That allowed me to invent a new headless tuning system so I can be free in bodydesign now.


E-Guitars are made of many different materials, I can form and refine to my customers needs. In interaction of modern technology and precision craftsmanship every instrument is made with love and care. Next to the carefully chosen tonewood C.GIG also attaches great importance to the design. Every instrument combines sound and design perfectly.

Christoph Garwels, born an grown up in Vechta, northern germany, finished his apprenticeship as cabinet maker. Later he studied in Hildesheim and graduated as bachelor of wood engineering and bachelor professional (cabinet making) in 2007. 

The next ten years he worked as a constructor in home furnishing business, where he expanded his knowledge in modern production engineering like CAD and CNC. This also helped him in his own workshop.

He started building guitars in 2008 as a hobby. Soon he realized, this was his passion. In 2013 he started the small-scale business C.GIG and manifactured profession guitars. Since 2018 he is fully into building instruments.


Christoph is a huge metal-fan since he was a teen, later started playing guitar and ended up with the idea, trying to build his own guitar. He already had the knwoledge of wood working and learned the specific skills in guitar building from books and the internet. He improved his knowledge by doing until he was able to build those high quality guitars, that leave his workshop today.